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[IP] New Meter - pressing against forearm

> I tried a new? meter at my Dr.s office on Tues.  I drew the sample by
> pressing the meter against my forearm and then contintinued holding and
> pressing after the lancing device had done its job.  It was sort of like
> creating suction.
> Sheila

I was in a user study at Bayer on a similar blood-letting device. I got a
terrible bruise (I thought) from poking my inner forearm. They said 2 weeks
later that it was nothing compared to some of the others!!!!
    Which also leads me to another comment: When a medical person tells me
*oh, that's nothing.....*  Excuse me, we are talking about ME. If it
happened to THEM they would not like it and I have enough to go through
without some healthy *joe or jane* telling me "it's nothing"! How would they
like walking around either exposing or constantly hiding a silver
dollar-size bruise for a couple of weeks? I'm talking ONE poke. Try that
8-12 times a day.
    Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpng 8/23/83)

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