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Re: [IP] the implantable pump! - Gianna

Hi Gianna -

When I began the 2-day inpatient stay in Johns Hopkins for intensive
education on "learning the pump", a rather spry diabetic roaming the halls
came around to check on me.  He said - oh, going on the pump!  I noticed the
big bulge in his side, but didn't say anythiing.  He volunteered that he had
an implanted pump.  When I asked him how he made it work, he said - "I talk
to it!"  He was a riot! My CDE came around later and I asked her about it.
Yes, she knew him well (he assured me himself - I've been in almost every
room in this section of the hospital) and told me the external pump didn't
work for him, and that he has a remote control device to regulate the flow
of insulin  with his implanted pump.  He has to have surgery to replace the
thing.  Gianna, I've been on the pump less than one year, but it gives me
better (not perfect!) control, but I would say - Beware - look  at it and
study it hard.  This man's bulge was definately nottticable.  He has to buy
shirts that are a large size - his pump probably raises the level of his
skin 2-3 inches.  He has to go into the hospital to have the thing refilled.
What are the benefits, as opposed to an outside, hanging-on pump? Ummmm...
I can change the whole set in 20 minutes - no surgery required, and no time
in Doc's office or hospital.  Be fore-warned - it's NOT just plain easy (an
implanted pump).  But  it clearly has worked for him!!

Take care, Jane

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