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Re: [IP] Those @#$% Insurance Companies! - Michael

> Yes, Michael, that would be very expensive, for me.  They have it written
> that if it's not an actual emergency such as injury (I don't remember
> exact wording), they don't have to cover it.  Now if my Bg was 14 (as it
> been known to be at times) or 600 (rarely ever happens for me) when I went
> in, then they might cover it.
> RoseLea
> Type 1 for 37 years
I can feel that pain. While I was going to school I had two severe glycemic
episodes that ended in seizures and a nice ambulance ride to the ER (one a
14 and one a 13).  And as you said, unless it was a NON-DIABETIC emergency
they would not cover it.  We, however, took it in the a@*.  I'd also like to
point out that I had injured my neck in a NON-DIABETIC fall, but they would
only cover about half of the physical therapy, etc.   - as I was told by the
company - 'diabetics take twice as long to heal, so we will only cover a
'normal' course of treatment.'  Aren't they s-w-e-e-t?
Facetiously, Dawn :)

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