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[IP] depression and diabetes

It is ironic that the question about Prozac came up.  I was on Zoloft for 
about six months.  Did wonders for my depression but then it made me so 
sleepy.  So when I was awake I felt great.  But one of the major symptoms of 
my depression was exhaustion and excessive sleep so the Zoloft was not good. 
  Also (get this) it took my dreams away.  I dream in incredible technicolor 
detail and the Zoloft eliminated them.  I never felt like I slept well.  I 
was off anti-depressants for about 2 years because I used running (and other 
exercise) to keep the smyptoms at bay.  After my last marathon, I took and 
exercise hiatus and the depression came back at full force.  Tried Prozac.  
Didn't eliminate the depression and it also gave me major anxiety attacks, 
kinda like way too much caffeine with paranoia.  So now I am going to go in 
to try something new.

So I have a question to many of you.  How many have had to deal with 
long-term depression?  Do you think it is in relation to your diabetes?  I 
can trace my depression back to the year I developed diabetes, but that was 
also the year my mom married an he turned out to be very abbusive to both of 
us.  Many things happened in that year so I can't pinpoint the cause of the 
depression.  But I look back on my diary and see a pattern from age 15 (I am 
35 now).

I am sorry to be so curious and personal, but I have not met many diabetics, 
especially those I feel comfortable enough to ask these types of questions.

Also one last question.  Anyone live near Santa Barbara, California?  I am 
interested in starting some sort of pump support group in my area.


Julie Broughton
email @ redacted
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