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[IP] RE: Geneva - numbers

"but something happened the other day which really made me feel better.
geneva came home and said,  "you know mom,  the kids are always asking me
about my levels when I test at school.  when I test, and they ask what I am,
and I say,  160,   they all chime in with , oh, that is not good.  I tell
so at least she has this part of her disease right on the money.  it is just
a number."   -Ruth

That is so well stated!!!  I have had Type 1 for 21 of my 25 years, and I
still occasionally feel guilty when I have an odd reading - the other day I
had a 457 and a 68 in one day (I'd also like to add that I am going to start
treatment soon for hyperthyroidism, which messes around with your sugars) -
and even though I know it's not 'good' or 'bad' I should look at, it's
sometimes hard to think that way.  It's something that my mom ingrained in
me - I'd be grounded on occasion when I would go to friends house, eat some
Halloween candy and come back to have an orange urine test (before
glucometers - and orange was 'bad'); yelled at if I drank a regular pop,
even though I've known how to carbo count for the last 15 years, and would
give myself an injection to cover it.  I'm so glad to hear that people
aren't looking at it that way anymore, but I also counsel at a summer camp
for kids with diabetes, and you'd be amazed how upset they get when they
have a high blood sugar.  'My mom will be so angry with me,' one six year
old camper stated last summer. 'You don't need to feel bad, and neither
should Mom,' I said, 'you just have to realize that if it's high you need to
treat it.'

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