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Re: [IP] bedtime snacks for exercise days

> some nights she can have really good numbers in the 100's at bedtime
> and again around 2 am.  (this is rare though).
> I  have tried to figure out if it might perhaps be a day in which
> she was doing alot of activity.  I did not record this in my logs.
> this might also explain how sometimes she will drop preciptously
> around midnight.
> my question is this:
> do any of you make a point of eating a protein snack prior to
> bedtime if you have had an active afternoon?  thus preventing a
> nighttime hypo with your regular basals?  .....and maybe if you
> didn't eat any of the "high BG producing foods" for dinner?

On "real" soccer game days (as opposed to practices) Lily has to turn 
her pump off completely for several hours when going to bed. There is 
a lot of variability in this -- we don't yet have a good handle on 
results. If she doesn't do this, 2am is a disaster -- low with lots 
of glucose. On a non-exercise night her bg's will be pretty good all 
night. FYI night time basals run 0.6 - 0.7

I don't think this is a very good solution, but that is what we're 
doing at the moment.

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