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Re: [IP] Those @#$% Insurance Companies!

> Ah, now the truth is out about our new insurance coverage.  No
> matter what the salesman told my husband's company about the
> coverage and how great it will be... it was all hogwash!
> They have told me that for medical supplies, I need a prescription
> to have it covered.  Ok, I can do that.  But now here's the
> clincher.  For test strips, even if my doctor recommends that I test
> more frequently, they'll only cover 100 strips per month.  That
> figures out to only about 3 tests per day!  I do more than that now
> on MDI!  How am I suppose to know what my Bg is doing on only 3
> tests per day? 

Ah.... here is where you have them by the short hairs. Unless it is 
spelled out in the policy in WRITING that they are only obligated to 
supply you with 3 strips a day, then they are practicing medicine 
without a liscense. You doctor and any other reasonable doctor would 
conclude that it is necessary for you to test more often than that. 
There are several things you can do to get your point across. First, 
by all means appeal and continue to appeal to the highest levels one 
step at a time, each time you are turned down. Talk to the press, 
talk to the insurance company's medical director. Talk to the 
insurance commissioner's office. By all means, visit the emergency 
room when you've used up your 3rd strip for the day and need to test 
again heh... heh.... hope that's expensive. Finally if all that 
doesn't work you could speak to an attorney about suing for breach of 
contract. You will win on this, don't let them scare you off with 
tough talk.

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