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[IP] To Rose Lea . . .hug from Gianna

>They have told me that for medical supplies, I need a prescription to 
>have>it covered.  Ok, I can do that.  But now here's the clincher.  For 
>test>strips, even if my doctor recommends that I test more frequently, 
>they'll>only cover 100 strips per month.

  Rose Lea . . .did they tell you anything about what they would cover in 
terms of pump supplies and the pump itself?  Anything at all? I really 
really really am not trying to assume anything at all about however you can 
afford this stuff, but is there any way that you wouldn't have to give up 
your pump dreams?? Yes, it's true that you have to test alot at first, but 
after a few months it calmed down for me, down to 6 a day, which is still an 
extra 65$ a month (i think?) but . .. i don't know.  Of course it's 
definately one thing if you really can't afford it, but is there any way? I 
hate to see people give up on this because their anal insurance companies 
have no room for compassion left after all the bureacracy crowding the 
system. it sucks, doesn't it?  :(

So now I have a new doctor.  It's
>called BC/BS Community Blue PPO.

  Did they make you get a new doctor because your first one was actually 

Well, I guess we'll let them see how
>they like paying for hospital stays rather than test strips.  I give up.... 
>probably won't be pumping at all...

   Like I said, please please don't give up if you don't have to!! I'm sorry 
if this letter doesn't do any good, I guess I just wanted to send you a 
virtual *hug* and hope that you are doing OK. very best of luck to you.  

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