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[IP] yucky, i HATE sugar sodas!!!

> funny that this came up on my computer today.  last night a neighbor took
> geneva to burger king and she sheepishly told me later...."mom,  promise
> won't get mad...., but I had a real soda accidentally".
> I of course was not mad.  but she said she bolused for it and she was 116
> three hours later.

I LOVE DIET COKE!!! I don't care what anyone says, I am an avid (addict?)
Diet Coke drinker, and proud of it!!  Cure Diabetes tomorrow, and I'd STILL
drink Diet Coke.  How can anyone stand that dry taste in your mouth after
sugar sodas?  And that filmy stuff on your teeth??  YUCKY!
ciao, Brian
ps. but if u do like the stuff, then at least the pump makes it ok!
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