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[IP] insurance

Thanks for all the advise on self employment insurance.  I plan to keep
investigating until a solution is found for my family.  In the meantime
my husband was informed that the company that he no longer works for but
that we are insured for COBRA  through is changing policies.  They did
have us insured through BCBS but told him this morning -no more because
BCBS was taking advantage of them.  They are now to be insured with a
company called Boston Mutual???  I called and asked for details and was
told - take what you get and be thankful you have insurance.  I guess
that's the kind of treatment you get when you are on COBRA.  I explained
we pay all our prem. unlike the employees but who cares.  Anyway I
wonder if any of you here on this list are on that plan and if it covers
pump supplies.  If it doesn't I def. need to move ahead with the self
employment insurance or have my husband take the plan at the office he
is now at which runs $800 per month.  By the way that one is BCBS, just
like the old plan but much more costly.  OOOH  it seems this insurance
nightmare never ends.Sheila

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