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[IP] getting mad at kids for eating "something"

> Why is it that these kids feel that we will be mad at them for eating or
> drinking something they may now have.
>I tell
> him as long as he can count and pump for it go ahead and we'll see what
> happens. I think they are so used to us telling them no they can't have

well, linda,  this all has to do with MY bad habit of expressing dismay and
or negative responses to geneva's intake of soda because when we first
started on saline,  I was talking to my CDE,  (who was very paranoid about
young children going on pump and DKA)...and I mentioned how exciting it
would be for geneva to be able to drink a coke at a restaurant along with
her non IDDM brother.  her eyes widened and she said,  you can't do that!
she said that the coke would shoot her BGs up etc etc.   since then...I have
been really adamant about geneva not having soda.  (our minds are now
changed, thanks to this list!)

but...it is an internalized response that she now has ...and I am so sorry
that this happens.

but something happened the other day which really made me feel better.
geneva came home and said,  "you know mom,  the kids are always asking me
about my levels when I test at school.  when I test, and they ask what I am,
and I say,  160,   they all chime in with , oh, that is not good.  I tell
so at least she has this part of her disease right on the money.  it is just
a number.

it is discouraging to have to see your child apologize for eating something.
or eating nonstop...(like my son does)  because then I can't get a handle on
whether her numbers are high due to food or otherwise)

I keep telling her that I am working on this part of myself....we can all

mom to geneva. almost 11

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