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Re: [IP] Those @#$% Insurance Companies!


Your subject line was far kinder than I could have ever been.  :-)

First of all repeat after me "I will be on a pump".  :-)  Seriously start 
saying that and get ready to fight for your life.

>Ah, now the truth is out about our new insurance coverage.  No matter what
>the salesman told my husband's company about the coverage and how great it
>will be... it was all hogwash!

and we're surprised! , sorry.

>They have told me that for medical supplies, I need a prescription to have
>it covered.  Ok, I can do that.  But now here's the clincher.  For test
>strips, even if my doctor recommends that I test more frequently, they'll
>only cover 100 strips per month.

I would fight this one.  I ran into the same problem with BC/BS and my 
doctor write a letter, basically stating that it was medically necessary 
that I test every two hours and I got my 300 / month strip coverage.  I am 
sure your doctor can come up with something.  Bottom line you just have to 
fight.  The reasoning my doctor used was I don't have low symptoms anymore 
and I have to test often.  Another idea, in order to have stable blood 
sugars a diabetic needs to test before, after, etc.. meals, which is at 
least 6 strips.  Go fight fight fight.  I can say this confidently, that 
every member on this list is in your corner.

>every 2 hours, that's 12 times per day!  So now I have a new doctor.  It's
>called BC/BS Community Blue PPO.

Ya, mine was Blue C*#$ / Blue S*&##@, of Arizona HMO

>I'm so upset, I just ate a Suzy Q!  Well, I guess we'll let them see how
>they like paying for hospital stays rather than test strips.  I give up....

Mmm, how as it?  I'll have try that the next time I am down, like 
today.  :-)  When I was a kid I use to eat those all the time when I as 
"cheating".  :-)

Fight, Fight, Fight
Type I 37 years, on pump on strips after fighting...

PS.  Also, I don't know what pump you are going with, but those pump 
companies have some real insurance guru's there and I would call upon 
them.  Just ask your rep, he/she should know.   The D insurance guru was 
very helpful.  They just know "angels" and understand all the verbiage.

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