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[IP] Re: Melissa's questions on email responses.

HI Melissa,

You asked earlier:

>>1. ...(snip) ...  If I just click on the person's email =
address, it looks like the message I type will just go to them.

Yes, to that person and only to that person.

>> Should I =
just enter "email @ redacted" and put the original =
subject line in my subject line as well?  When I do that, my messages seem =
not to be connected ot the original. =20>>

    If you are receiving the posts individually, (not in digest form) but
aren't able to do the automatic quotation for reply, go to "tools" on your
menu bar (if you are using Outlook Express), then to "options" under that,
then to "send" under that and make sure you have the box checked for
"include original message in reply."  If you are using a different mail
program, hunt around in the logical places for that option. It most likely
exists -- I know Netscape has it for example.
   For the sake of those digest readers who have crabbed about this in the
past, I'll mention that it's best to quote only the
pertinent-to-your-response portions of the original letter. It's tedious to
reread entire posts. Yet, it is best to quote *something*. It's really hard
to know what is being responded to otherwise.

If you are receiving the digest, there is a little more involved in doing a
response intended to the list. Yes, email @ redacted
should be the recipient. (You can add on other recipients if you like, as I
have done with this message, by including your addie so that you will get a
separate copy of this note.) To copy the text or the subject, you can cut
and paste (digest users who attempt to do an automated quotation of the
message to which they are responding  end up unintentionally quoting the
entire scroll of 20 or so messages.)
   One last thing, please follow the tools-options-send path (if you are
using Outlook Express) and select "plain text" as your default mail sending
format.  If you have a different e-mail program, hunt around for this same
feature. It is there. You may notice the message quoted above has extraneous
='s and 20's in it. It's a sample of  what digest readers see when a post
was sent in other than in plain text format. Actually, this is mild. Some
posts have apparently included .gif or .jpeg files which come out on the
digest as pages and pages of random strings of letters and symbols.

I hope this was helpful. (I also want to address your other question in your
post, I'll do that in a separate post.)

Regards from
Anika :^)

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