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Re:[IP] Chat Times

Dear Jenny My   Name Is C J  From the List      I E-mailed George Lovelace
and told him I had been to the IP chat Area several times in the Past three
months ,  But nobody is ever there even at the sceduled chat times.  Its
realy to bad since I'm shure alot of members would love to have a one on
one chat with other list members.   I attend a weekly chat on the
diesitronics Web site on Monday Nights at 9:00PM and chat with a hand full
of  realy nice people,   And I realy enjoy it,  Its a great place to get up
to date info and also have a few good needed laughs. I would like to know
if I can post a chat time with your permission once a week to see if we can
get a chat group reestablished On the IP site !!!!   Please understand that
I know That you are the Chat Administrator  Thats why I am clearing it with
you first and George knows what I would Like to do this with your
permission first!!!   I hope we can get some interest generated because
there are so many new pumpers on the list , And I'm shure they would love
to be able to ask some of the more experienced pumpers some Questions     
Thank You C J Jutras    Lewiston, Maine   The COOOOOOOLD State NOW IN A
DEEP FREEZE And Still without Snow            I would like to try Wednesday
nights at 8:00PM  Eastern daylite time for a start " Thats already an
Established chat time"    

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