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Re: [IP] MiniMed Disposable Pump?

Hey Sam, don't you think we should lobby the medical community to go back
to that old terminology of Juvenile and Maturity Onset Diabetes?   I'd much
rather be called juvenile than type I.  Fits my character so much better :-)
-wayne, one of the original juvenile diabetics and fighting to stay that way!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<At 03:56 PM 1/13/2000  John Neale wrote:
 >MiniMed's European director, Morag Mclaren, recently posted this to the
 >Insulin Pumpers UK mailing list. Sticking the pump to the skin and doing
 >away with the tubing is certainly an interesting idea! But this is only
 >aimed at type 2's - not people like us with "proper" diabetes <vbg>.

Oh, oh... prepare to get sandblasted by the Type 2 pumpers.  :-)

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