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Re: [IP] MiniMed Disposable Pump?

John Neale wrote:
> email @ redacted writes:
> >Clinical trials have shown that a constant infused basal
> >rate can take some pressure of the pancreas and that it can
> >produce the extra insulin needed to cope with meals.
> Sticking the pump to the skin and doing
> away with the tubing is certainly an interesting idea! But this is only
> aimed at type 2's - not people like us with "proper" diabetes <vbg>.

Amusing thought -- "proper" diabetes!!!  I STILL don't think I can

But the thing that puzzles me is the idea that if the basal needs are
met, the Type 2 can cope with meals. 

On shots, I used the Humalog with meals/N at night routine -- but I was
able to go a good 6 or 7 hours between meals if need be, which tells me
that my body was supplying the basal. 

On the other hand, with the pump supplying the basal (total of 9 units a
day), I STILL need boluses for meals -- there's no way my body can
handle it. My carb ratio is 1/30 at breakfast and 1/15 at other meals.

So, if MiniMed is correct, I'm NOT a typical Type 2 (I already know I'm
not), and I'm not a typical Type 1, so the only category left is Type
Weird -- can weird ever be proper????

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