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[IP] Re: Johanna & other new pumpers!

Hi Johanna and welcome!
I have been on MDI for 22 years and started the pump 6 weeks ago. I also had 
frequent hypos and an A1C that 'looked' good. Night time was the worst for 
me and I also developed hypoglycemic unawareness.
The needle part for me, hurts less or not at all compared with taking 
needles in my abdomen area while on MDI. There are infusion sets that leave 
a flexible teflon cannula subcutaneously and I don't even feel it 
(Tender/Comforts). BUT, I was nervous at first too, very nervous!
When I first started testing for basals we used the insulin very 
conservatively so as not to risk hypos. I knew I would experience some highs 
but also understood that was part of the 'fine tuning ' and that eventually 
things would get sorted out.
The pump has been great..I have not yet had a low during the night..I can 
hardly believe it! On MDI I would have 3 0r 4 a week or be very high all 
night..just could not get the insulin timed when my body needed it plus I am 
sensitive to insulin...but the pump has made all the difference!
To avoid insulin shock: test often! have sugar tablets and glucagon 
available (glucagon for peace of mind!). A great book called 'Pumping 
Insulin' by John Walsh, will help you understand how everything works 
together. They recommend treating lows with sugar tablets..and the nice 
thing is..I don't get the highs and bouncing for hours (or even days) after 
a low. I have had a couple of lows (not really bad ones) during the day on 
the pump but just a result of my miscalculation of carbs in food. Sometimes 
that part is by trial and error. I have also gained back my hypo awareness.
There is a new edition of "Pumping Insulin" expected out soon and it deals 
with humalog insulin. The current edition deals with regular insulin but has 
a humalog supplement available. If you look under books on the IP home page 
there is a link with info about this publication there.
Happily Pumping,
Carolyn :o)

>From: "Johanna Gurganus" <email @ redacted>
I am excited about the prospect but
>I am very nervous about the idea of the needle.  (Does that seem possible
>since I've been taking injections for twenty years?)  Without the insulin
>pump, my A1C is down to 6.9; however, I'm tired of the insulin shock
>episodes.  I live in Chesapeake, Virginia and am thrilled with the idea
>of the insulin pump.  Any suggestions to avoid insulin shock?  I am so
>sick of snacks I could just, well, you know.
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