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Re: [IP] MiniMed Disposable Pump?

email @ redacted wrote:
>I was talking to a media person at MM in November and he mentioned a
>disposable pump for type 2. Instead of changing the infusion set, you change
>the whole pump. As I recall from our conversation, it only gives one basal
>profile. Cost had not been decided on yet, etc.

MiniMed's European director, Morag Mclaren, recently posted this to the
Insulin Pumpers UK mailing list. Sticking the pump to the skin and doing
away with the tubing is certainly an interesting idea! But this is only
aimed at type 2's - not people like us with "proper" diabetes <vbg>.

John Neale

email @ redacted writes:
>Minimed is indeed working on a disposable pump to be used in
>Type 2s who are failing oral therapy and requiring insulin.
>These pts often have very poor control, high HbA1cs and an
>increased risk of diabetic complications.
>Clinical trials have shown that a constant infused basal
>rate can take some pressure of the pancreas and that it can
>produce the extra insulin needed to cope with meals.
>Pancreatic function (measured by C-peptide production) was
>increased by approx. 35% when a basal infusion was used.
>Insulin resistance also improved in these pts and daily
>insulin doses can be decreased quite dramatically.
>These will be very simple pumps, worn directly onto the skin
>and not requiring infusion sets. The pts will have a choice
>of different basal rates depending on their insulin needs.
>After use it will be taken off and thrown away.
>This type of therapy is completely different from the
>sophisticated demands of the Type 1s.
>We do not yet have approval to start introducing this pump
>into Europe and prices have not been set.

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