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[IP] what the heck are my blood sugars doing? -sort of long

ok...today was a totally insane day and i'm still having no clue what
happened! so, let me tell you the story...
i woke up at 168...fine...at 11:30 i was 188. i had lunch and bolused
accordingly, and actually did a little less because i went in the pool
after lunch.  i was 159 just prior to going in the pool. it's a therapy
pool, set at 92 degrees, and it ALWAYS makes my blood sugar drop. so...i
drank a juice prior to getting in because that is what i always do. i
stayed in an hour. got out. was 209 (at 2:45).  bolused 2 for the high.  at
4:30 i was 366! so...i figured i must have experienced that whole
"exercise" thing where you rise after exercise. except...i'm the therapist
in the pool, so i'm not really exercising. anywyay, so i did 8 units to
bring down the high.  i crashed...and i still am low. i was 78 at 5:30, 60
at 6:00 (after correcting the previous low with crackers and cheese), 55 at
6:30 and now i'm just at 100 (it's 9:30)... and i haven't done ANY (except
basals) insulin since the 8 units when i was 366. i'm just wondering what
the heck my body was doing!
any ideas?

Erinn (D for 15 years, pumping 3 weeks, 4 days.)
- What matters most is how you see yourself -
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