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[IP] @#@#$%^%$ Chinese Food

>I got brave and ate Chinese tonight. I tried a dual wave bolus half before
>and half spread over a 5 hour period. My sugar was 112 when I sat down to
>eat. An hour later it was 301. Obviously I miscalculated badly. How do
>members on this list handle Chinese?

I had Chinese tonight, 1 Egg Foo Yung, 1/2 cup Veg. Fried Rice, Gravy on it 
and 1 fortune cookie.  Started at 148.  
Did a dual bolus of 6.0 and 1.5 for 1 1/2 hours.  Was a little low, 67, 2 hrs 
later.  Usually, right on target.  Takes a little experimenting but dual is 
best for me.  I take 80% or more to start and spread the rest over a short 
time.  I eat the same meal about once a week.  Do the same thing but get 
slightly different results each time.  Dual seems best although I dropped too 
low this time.                              Ellie
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