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Re: [IP] prozac

Julie Britt wrote:
> Anyone here on prozac?  Just curious...would like to hear about others'
> experiences.

Yes, I'm on Prozac. Have been for 5 years.

I've periodically been depressed since childhood, and only in the last 5
years have I felt like the REAL me! 

When I was depressed, I was obsessed with suicide, and it took great
strength of will NOT to do it -- the reason I didn't was because I have
a son, and I couldn't do that to HIM.

Since I've been on Prozac, I've had, at most, fleeting thoughts about
suicide, but never the 24-hour obsession with it. 

I was also paranoid about what people might be thinking about me; on
Prozac, I'm much more realistic, and much less likely to take offense.

In between depressions, I was fine -- but each depressive episode lasted
from 6 - 9 months -- too long to suffer like that. 

I talk about it freely, because I don't see any need for anyone to
suffer from something that IS treatable.

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