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Re: [IP] Velosulin ?????'s

> I've been reading the posts lately about V and how it can help with
> sites etc etc....  I've got some questions.....
> Is it like Regular and Humalog and how long does it take to start
> acting?

Velosulin is a buffered regular insulin with a response very similar 
to other regular insulins such as Humulin R

> Does it require a prescription?


> How much is it?
Depends on where you buy it. Priced about the same as other regular

> What exactly does it do with Humalog to help sites last longer?
Good question -- nobody knows the answer to this one -- it has not 
been studied by the scientific community. The testimonial evidence of 
users indicates that this works. It certainly works for my daughter.

> When you mix it, why couldn't you just take a new bottle of Humalog
> and calculate how much you would mix and have it already premixed,
> rather than relying on the force of drawing up the larger amount in
> the syringe?
The stability of the mix over a long period of time is unknown. 
Insulin and it's buffers is a tricky chemical brew. Better to mix as 
you use it than to tempt fate.

> How do you come up with the ratio for it?
Trial and error. See the ABOUT page for what others use. Most are 5:1 
less 4:1, even less 3:1 etc..... The more V, the longer the tail. 
This could be helpful to those with gastro problems, but not 
necessarily desireable for a nice healthy tummy that digests quickly.

> I've noticed that a lot of the people talking about it, refer to
> their children, are there any adults that do this?
Yes, they are quieter :-)

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