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Re: [IP] Sore Shoulder -- Advice Appreciated

Dear Laurel

While I fear that tendonitis is one of the complications we face I too share 
some of your frustration. Perhaps more mildly I have very sore shoulders and 
really have to coax myself out of bed each morning. I do some gently 
stretches and repetions, some of which I learned in 'water-walking classes'  
One thing you might also consider is a mild form of 'tai chi chuan' (the 
chinese medative and gentle movement exercises).  This seems to help after 
you get started for a few weeks. Your willingness to try acupuncture is most 
interesting.  I have heard some wonderful stories of how it can 
help.......even stories like yours when you have exhausted so many other 
avenues.  Good luck and keep us posted!


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>Subject: [IP] Sore Shoulder -- Advice Appreciated
>Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 17:51:47 -0600
>Way back in May, I injured my shoulder while trying to manipulate a
>too-heavy lawn-mower.  I thought it was just a muscle strain at first, but
>when it started to hurt worse, I went to my GP, who diagnosed it as
>She sent me to 10 sessions of physical therapy (ultrasound/hydrocortisone
>cream, manipulation, and exercises).  It helped some, but nowhere close to
>curing the problem.
>I next went for 5 sessions with a very good chiropractor.  He did
>manipulation and electrostimulation, and had me apply alternating hot and
>cold packs.  While in his care, my shoulder did not get worse, but it also
>didn't get better.
>So back to the GP.  She put me on Ansaid and (when that didn't work) 2
>other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  My shoulder actually began to
>hurt worse.
>Finally she sent me to the orthopedic guy.  He gave me a shot of cortisone
>and some more exercises.  He said that my being diabetic was a big factor
>in the continuing pain of the shoulder (but I was/am not convinced, since I
>have not had any (other) complications as far as I'm aware).  He also said
>that I definitely do NOT have frozen shoulder, though I am the perfect
>candidate to get it.  (Oh, joy.)  The shot made my BGs go bananas for 3-4
>days (mostly high--I finally set some increased temp basal rates).  I did
>the exercises.
>It's been about a month since the shot, and my shoulder has started to hurt
>a lot again.  I really don't want another 4 days of goofy blood sugars, but
>this damn arm is driving me crazy.  It aches most of the time, and when I
>move certain ways, I get extremely severe stabbing pain.  Three
>extra-strength ibuprofen take away most of the pain for about 6 hours, but
>I am afraid to keep taking that stuff indefinitely.
>I have most recently made an appointment for a consult with an
>Has anyone else experienced this problem?  What else could I try?  I am
>beginning to lose hope that my shoulder will ever heal, and the prospect of
>chronic pain/disability really frightens me.  I can function, sort of, but
>must constantly be careful of how I move.  Active sports are out of the
>I would appreciate any advice/inspiration/encouragement you have to offer.
>Laurel Sedgwick
>IDDM, 42 years old, DXed Dec. '74, MM 507 since May 1998
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