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Re: [IP] Re: High High High BG / Hi There & Thanks

Steve Lazarus wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback on the post.  <snip>  palliative.  Do you agree?

You're welcome.  I do agree. You are one of the few people who have
presented the obvious - if something reduces the "pain", either physical or
emotional, the situation is better...

The pump did help me feel better  in only one (to me very important) area;
I can sleep in without the need to get up to "take care of business"....

What frustrates me the most is not the pump itself, but the "religious
ferver" that says the pump is the only way to be able to _____________.
(fill in the blank with anything that I was able to do before and without
the pump)

> Unsolicited Advice is appreciated, never a SPAM.  I didn't Somogyi, as I
> know what that feels like too.  Sometimes these things go mysteriously
> into the night...

My reference to unsolicited advice is related to times when I have been
frustrated or ? (and stated that was why I was posting) and the advice had
nothing to do with dealing with the frustration....

Last night I had something that seems similar to what I remember you
described.  For me it was rice instead of pasta.....   Rice affects my BG
for much longer than a short acting insulin will cover. And generally at
night the same food takes more insulin than it does during the day.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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