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[IP] Recording bs, bolus, carbs...

Hi!  Two things...

1.  Im relatively new to this list, and Im not sure that I am using it correctly.  I have wanted to respond to so much fo what I've read, but im not sure that I am doing it right.  If I just click on the person's email address, it looks like the message I type will just go to them.  Should I just enter "email @ redacted" and put the original subject line in my subject line as well?  When I do that, my messages seem not to be connected ot the original.  

2.  I try very hard to manage my bs, and I test all the time, but I HATE to record things.  I have an Accucheck Complete, so the readings store automatically.  The problem is entering the bolus and carb info with it.  I know its not a big deal, but it feels like an enormous hassle, so I just dont.  Especially when I dont like my bs readings or I know I m eating too much junk... its essentially impossible ot get me to write that stuff down.  Then, I panic just before I go see my endo because I know she needs info to help me.  DFoes anyone have any ideas? 

Thanks.  Even if I can figure out how to make thi slist thing work, I have learned so much alreday from all of you!  I cant thank you enough!!!

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