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[IP] Cigna and IIS

I don't have Cigna, but do order directly from
Disetronic. My insurance company has me order on a
quarterly basis. On the last two orders, Disetronic
has been out of the Tenders with the shorter tube (60
cm). In July, they sent the Tenders with the longest
tube  because their supply was tied up in Swiss
Customs until September. I asked them to send a
pickup, and requested they check with alternate
suppliers to fulfill my insurance agreement. They then
send a few samples to get me by. In November, I
ordered again, and they only sent one of two Tender
boxes ordered. 

Personally, this worries me a little bit after reading
your message. I have only been pumping 10 months. Has
anyone else experienced shortage of supplies with
Disetronic? Do MM users run into this? The Disetronic
Rep is visiting our pump support group this Saturday,
I am going to ask him about it.

Andrea Seitz

Previous Message:
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 12:56:11 -0500
From: "Dean and Donna Clarke" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Cigna and IIS
I wanted to let you know I contacted Disetronic
yesterday and was told they are the tenders were
backordered and would be shipped to IIS on the 30th.
Apparently the problem did lie with Disetronic and not
IIS. I'm hoping the problem was caused by a rush of
orders due to the New Year and won't happen everytime
I need supplies.
Donna Triolo-Clarke
Type 1, 4 years, pumping since August

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