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Did I miss something (was Re: [IP] Re: High High High BG)


Thanks for the initial message and I do agree with you.... and I did not
know what palliative meant, so I looked it up.

                                      anything used to reduce
                                      pain or anxiety.
                                      German: Schmerzmittel

                     palliative   adj.
                       1.Tending or serving to palliate.
                       2.Relieving or soothing the symptoms of a
                          disease or disorder without effecting a

                      n. One that palliates, especially a palliative drug
                          or medicine.

Steve Lazarus wrote:

> Woke up with a 450 BG feeling like I got hit by a bus,
> can't understand it.  Ate pasta w/ garlic & oil last
> night, 9:30pm.  Changed site.  Went to bed 12am late.
> Still, can't understand.  Site is ok, delivered the
> corrective bolus ok, and I'm back to normal now at
> 12:30pm.  This sucks... The pump is only a palliative,
> not a cure-all.  Cheers
> Steve

Glad things are more or less back to "normal".


When I continue to look for "the answer" I will never be satisfied with

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