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[IP] High High High BG - Rebound or Not

In dealing w/ a rebound high blood sugar, I have found it to be the case 
where it may take several large dosages - double of regular dosage - to bring 
# back into line.
And it takes up to 24 hrs to accomplish this task for Kap.
I contributed the restistant high blood glucose to rebound since it did take 
great effort to bring #'s back inline.  - Insulin every 2 hrs and testing.
Kap had no signs of sickness, not a cold not even a sniffle.
Could it have been a 24 hr bug that had no systoms or does others have a low 
then rebound and have great diffucuity getting # to go down.
His #s ran 400-500 steady for 24 hrs after going low during PE.
It was like a gas tank sitting on empty and I was pumping insulin in him to 
get his liver back up to FULL.  I guess after filling liver back up - his 
body started using insulin again to lower his #s. Weird - Weird - Weird 
Mom to Kap - age 9

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