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Re: [IP] Frustrating Disease and Moms :)

>I have always told my boys - I will never stop being a mom - it is not 
> >something a Mom- wakes up one morning and says - Hey, boys i am not a Mom 
> >anymore. >So, you are own your own. >So I asked them to give a little 
>when I became overprotected of them.

  Hi everyone . . .couldn't resist giving a bit of opinion from the 17 yr. 
old perspective on this . . .and don't worry, it isn't as bad as you might 
think (for me anyway . . .maybe I'm just lucky!)  Today I sent in the last 
of my college applications, and my mother has been crying on and off for the 
entire day!! She can't believe I'm going to be leaving . . .etc. etc. . . 
plus of course, she's worried (but alot less so since pumping) about 
diabetes and college life, etc.
	Anyway, we ended up having this looooong discussion about how she'll try 
really hard to let me be an adult if I'll try really hard to let her be a 
mom! She put it in a really sweet way; that I will spend a long time 
learning how to live on my own and all that entails, and she would never 
expect me to know how to do everything perfectly.  Likewise, she's going to 
need time to practice not being quite such a "full time" mom - not that it's 
ever a part time job of course!!
:) :)  sounds fair to me . . .besides, it's nice to know that someone cares 
that much. (I can't wait to get those care packages sent in  teary eyed "I 
miss Gianna moments" - wonder if she'll feel the same way when I come home!)
	So to all of you mothers out there (and this sure applies to your non D 
kids as well :)  don't get tooooo
worried :)  your kids will probably understand, even if they roll their eyes 
at you (who me, do that??? never!)   --Gianna
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