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[IP] Re:Sore Shoulder Advice

I was diagnosed at 4.5yo and began having shoulder problems in late 30's - 
I've been operated on for both shoulders about 5 years ago after doing the 
chiropractor/ NSAIDS/ injection/ physical therapy routine on each shoulder 
for 18months- two years.  If nothing else is working, go for the operation.  
My pain relief was instanteous (woke up from the operation both times without 
the ache) and I was off the various medicines that were not doing much to 
begin with.  With Physical therapy I was able to regain motion up to 80% of 
normal range in both sides - I was down to about 45% prior to the operation.  
As with any operations, they are not risk free but in my case it was worth it.

For those of you that haven't had problems yet, keep the shoulders moving - 
swing those arms more than normal  when walking, if you can stand ankle 
weights on your wrists to build up some strength, do in, practice walking up 
the walls with your fingers, etc.  See a physical therapist for the exercise 
list - The ones I used said if I had been doing this concensiously, I might 
have put off the operations 10 or more years. - Bob
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