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Re: [IP] @#@#$%^%$ Chinese Food

email @ redacted wrote:
> Right David, this method will work for any foods that hit you quickly.
> Most all problems with balancing the insulin to carbs are related to the
> insulin being absorbed too slowly in relation to the carbs.  Except in rare
> cases or pathologies, the carbs get in much faster than the insulin.  Thats
> why even though I have a MM with square wave, I've never used it.  I wish
> they would make an even faster insulin than H.

Same here. The problem for me is that it's REALLY hard to estimate how
much before a meal to give the H -- misestimate by 5 or 10 minutes, and
I'm having a low  while eating!  :(  So I figure a spike is just the
price you pay for eating a high-carb, low-fat meal. If I've taken the
right amount of insulin, it will be down to normal by 3 or 4 hours PP,
and that's good enough for me! 

 > The other problem is that
> if you give a big bolus in an old soggy site, it will take considerably
> longer to get absorbed that say with an injection.  Another trick I do, if
> it is convenient , say at home, is to just do an injection of H 1/2 hour
> before eating the stuff.  This usually solves all my problems, as the H
> gets absorbed at about the same rate at the chinese sugarsand starches.  A
> subsequent pump boluse may still be needed if I continue to pig out and
> have a 2nd beer.

LOVE the description of an old soggy site!!!!!  :)  I'd  never
considered that before!

For Chinese, I usually bolus generously up front -- there's more sugar
and starch in Chinese food than meets the eye -- and correct at 4 hours
if need be. If I'm eating something that I KNOW is greasy, I might put
on a temporary basal (up to 1.5 u per hour) for 4 hours -- that almost
always does the trick for me.

But of course, YMMV for everyone -- keep on experimenting! 
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