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RE: [IP] Re: High High High BG

> By "crashed" do you mean went low then shot back up?  I was never
> told if this is a definite posibility.  I sometimes wake up feeling
> low, I check and end up being really high.  Could I have "crashed"
> too?

The response varies depending on "how low you go". When you get to 
some "low" point your system goes into emergency mode and the liver 
dumps glucose into the bloodstream -- afterwords you feel like 
crap and bg's are very high and stubborn to get down. At this point 
you must replace all the glucose that the liver has dumped which 
takes energy and lots of insulin. The technical explaination is 
longer but that's the basics. Getting shot with the emergency kit 
produces essentially the same reaction. How low and how bad it is 
depends on when your body decides to do the glucose dump -- rather 
unpredictable -- you don't want any of this to happen.

If you think this happens, definetly revist your night time basal 
profiles and talk to your medical team.
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