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Re: RE: [IP] @#@#$%^%$ Chinese Food

Right David, this method will work for any foods that hit you quickly.
Most all problems with balancing the insulin to carbs are related to the
insulin being absorbed too slowly in relation to the carbs.  Except in rare
cases or pathologies, the carbs get in much faster than the insulin.  Thats
why even though I have a MM with square wave, I've never used it.  I wish
they would make an even faster insulin than H.  The other problem is that
if you give a big bolus in an old soggy site, it will take considerably
longer to get absorbed that say with an injection.  Another trick I do, if
it is convenient , say at home, is to just do an injection of H 1/2 hour
before eating the stuff.  This usually solves all my problems, as the H
gets absorbed at about the same rate at the chinese sugarsand starches.  A
subsequent pump boluse may still be needed if I continue to pig out and
have a 2nd beer.

<You're correct about it hitting hard and quick. Last night was the first 300
<reading I've had since going on the pump. I didn't expect it. You are also
<right, at least in my case, about the absorption of carbs being faster then
<the absorption of Humalog. Last night I even bolused early to give the
<Humalog time to get going before I started eating. Next time I will take all
<my bolus up front and test test test, correct correct correct afterwards as
<usual. The only good thing about last night (other than the terrific food!)
<was that I was back to normal at bedtime and was at 98 when I got up this
<morning. Thank God for the pump.

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