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Re: [IP] Re: kids & mixing insulin

> Hi Pumpers!  Question concerning the little ones.  How many kids mix
> insulin???  I have heard that mixing insulin helps with the lenght
> of a site. 
Mixing has extended my daughter's site life from 2 days to 4+ days. 
She mixes 5 parts H and 1 part Velosulin. This is not an issue 
particularly for children, rather for anyone that exhibits site 
degradation due to Humalog. See the ABOUT page of the web site for 
percentage of "mixers" on the list and the mixes commonly used.

>  Are
> there any other advantages to mixing the insulin then the lenght of
> the site???  
For those with gastro problems, it provides a way to tailor the 
absorbtion curve of the insulin to match their digestive cycle. This 
probably would not apply to a person who has only had diabetes a few 

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