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[IP] kids & mixing insulin


geneva does the velosulin  ( man. by NOVO NORDISK)...and humalog mix.

we do this because she also was only getting 2-2  1/2 day on a site.  we do
a 4 to 1 ratio.

(about 100 units humalog and about 30 units velosulin)...we have
guesstimated because we don't see that much difference in effect and it is
difficult to do a perfect ratio with the cartridges in our MM.

we have also changed from the sof-sets to the sils.  we do even better with
site times. geneva is slim.

our endo had never heard of the mix either.  but she was open to it.
velosulin was the first insulin to be used in the pump, so it is not a
problem with physicians USUALLY>

good luck!

mom to geneva, age 10 1/2 and pumping since june '99

> .  How many kids mix
> insulin???  I have heard that mixing insulin helps with the length of a

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