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[IP] chinese food and waffles!

>    Yet another option that seems to work for my daughter: she takes the
> "guesstimated" bolus up front & then sets her pump for a "temp basal" for
> next 4-5 hours ( trial & error), increasing her basal by 40-50%, so
there's a
> steady infusion of supplemental insulin as she's continuing to digest

well renee,

waffles again this am and we are trying something different.  instead of
what you are doing  (which we have been doing with on and off success)...I
increased the carb ratio.

we went from her breakfast ratio of 1:25 to 1:21.  this is giving geneva an
extra .6 bolus.  ( 1 unit drops her 100 points).

she had been correcting two hours later at school and then in one hour was

will keep you all informed as to whether the carb ratio increase helps with
these high glycemic index foods.

mom to geneva
age 10 1/2

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