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[IP] Chinese Food

Now in my 19th year of pumping and a lover of Chinese food (and usually
eating too much of it), it remains the most difficlut meal to deal with.  
I don't do square wave bolusses...just have adjusted from experience.   My
normal chinese meal requires 12-14 units total.  I take the units in
separate amounts as the food arrives...generally 3-4 units at a time, to a
total of 12.  I then check BG two hours later and take the neede bolus. 
This bolus always adds another 1.5 units because of the high fat content of
the meal.  While ther is some variation between foods, I have found
generally an equal portion of any dish is about the same as any other (with
the exception of "sweet and sour").  Hot and sour soup also requires more
insulin than the lighter soups.

Hpe this helps.


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