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RE: [IP] @#@#$%^%$ Chinese Food


You take twice your normal bolus just before eating Chinese? You get a spike
at 2 hours but then your sugar is OK after that? That's something I haven't
tried. If I can work up my nerve I may try it next time. Thanks.


> David  -
> As you no doubt know, Chinese food is difficult, but I love
> it!  I could
> skip Mickey Dee's anytime, but periodically got to have some
> Chinese.  I try
> to get the basic meat and veggie dishes, nothing too fancy,
> and am getting
> closer, but still not right, either.  In fact, my anniversary
> of going on
> this pump is coming up Jan 17th, and I'm thinking of getting
> Chinese to
> celebrate!  The best number's I've gotten (and for pizza too)
> is to double
> bolus.  Sounds dangerous?  But, test often, and I think you Might be
> surprised at the relief.  Would be curious if anybody else does this?
>  Later - from slowed digestion of fats(?) - my bg does not go
> up!  Only
> about 2 hours after I eat.  Is this weird?
> Take care, Jane

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