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Re: [IP] Re-sale of pumps on secondary market

>For those of you considering upgrading, please consider >donating your old
>pump to Insulin Pumper. I'm working on a recycling >program to get the
>pumps re-conditioned and into the hands of those without >insurance.


Actually Michael, pumps can be donated to local Children's Hospitals or
Educational Hospital tied to Universitys around the country.  Many of them
are willing to take pumps, and pay for their reconditioning with a limited
warantee or upgrading from some of the pump companies, and put them to good
use for people who are unable to afford a pump or have no insurance.

I donated my two MM pumps to Children's Hospital of Orange CA.  I was able
to take the full value of the pump off my taxes, and Mini-Med reconditioned
them or upgraded them to the hospital.  I was told they remain hospital
property, and when circumstances change for an individual will go to someone
else for use.  My auto-syringe went to Children's LA CA as a teaching tool
years ago.

BTW, I do believe it is illegal for an individual to resell the pump under
federal guidelines of the FDA, but to date I do not know of anyone who has
been proscuted for it.


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