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Re: [IP] @#@#$%^%$ Chinese Food

David  -

As you no doubt know, Chinese food is difficult, but I love it!  I could
skip Mickey Dee's anytime, but periodically got to have some Chinese.  I try
to get the basic meat and veggie dishes, nothing too fancy, and am getting
closer, but still not right, either.  In fact, my anniversary of going on
this pump is coming up Jan 17th, and I'm thinking of getting Chinese to
celebrate!  The best number's I've gotten (and for pizza too) is to double
bolus.  Sounds dangerous?  But, test often, and I think you Might be
surprised at the relief.  Would be curious if anybody else does this?
 Later - from slowed digestion of fats(?) - my bg does not go up!  Only
about 2 hours after I eat.  Is this weird?

Take care, Jane

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