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[IP] Blood Clot? - off subject of Diabetes

however, I am posting this here - due the fact I know - Insulin pumpers or 
soon to be pumpers are the most up to date and have researched more than any 
other group.
So I come to you guys with a question/problem.

Has anyone every had or know anything like this happening to anyone before?

My son - age 32 woke up Sat with a pink spot (size of pin point) in the bend 
of his elbow.  This didnt concern him until he noticed a small red/pink 
streak going up his arm.  
He was seen by a doctor Sat and was told to keep a check on it and if he 
starts running a fever get back to him - infection could go into blood stream.
His doctor ruled out spider/bug bite since there was not a red circle.
Sunday he had a bad headache and stayed on the couch.  Arm still looked the 
same.  Otherwise he felt fine.
Monday, he woke up and the red spot was now tuning Black and Blue (Bruised) 
and the streak going up his arm was about 2 inches wide and Black and Blue 
(Bruised), plus you can also see the bruised look going down his arm about 4 
You can tell it is the veins because there is a space between them that is 
not bruised looking and the burised area runs with the veins.
He was seen again on Monday by the doctor and a doppler test was ran and 
blood work was done.  Doppler test was negative for anything.  Blood work not 
back in yet.
Doctor doesnt know what could have caused the veins to look like infection 
then bruise.
Mom - thought she had seen it all dealing w/ diabetes.
E-mail personally if anyone has any info that could assist with this weird 
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