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Re: [IP] @#@#$%^%$ Chinese Food

David, Chinese is high starch and sugar that will hit you hard an quick (as
you already know).  The dual/square wave is not the way to go here.  You've
got to bolus bigtime as you sit down to cover that initial surge in BG.
Then about an hour and a half later bolus again after checking BG.  Only
use the dual wave if you know that absorption is going to be slow.  Most of
the time the absorption of carbs is much quicker than the absorption of
even H following a bolus (2-3 h for it all to get in at least).  Sometimes
the conversion and absorption of carbs can be slower,but this is more the
exception.   Apparently for you with chinese food, it is definitely not
slower.  Lots of gooey starchy sauces wreck havoc on the BG.  Not to
mention the noodles and rice, but I love it too :-)

>I got brave and ate Chinese tonight. I tried a dual wave bolus half before
>and half spread over a 5 hour period. My sugar was 112 when I sat down to
>eat. An hour later it was 301. Obviously I miscalculated badly. How do
>members on this list handle Chinese?

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