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[IP] Frustration about sister

I have to vent about my sister for a moment... We don't get along and
therefore she doesn't really accept my advice when it comes to diabetes...
she calls on me when she NEEDS me, but not for daily life how to's.

The other day she unknowningly became disconnected and tested at > 600.
She called about six hours later because she hadn't been able to get her
sugars down....

She hadn't tested for ketones.
She had been drinking water, but not nearly enough.

She was at that point 380 or so.

I called/she called about every two hours, I kept telling here what to do
and why and at midnight she finally had
dropped to 111.  She still had some insulin that I knew would affect her
so I told her to set a temp basal... here's the shocker - she didn't KNOW

It just blows my mind that 
#1  She can be so lax about this disease
#2  That despite being so lax, she has amazing A1c's :P

I wish she'd be willing to LEARN.  To read the digest on this list, or to
even read insulin pumpers... but she's not.  :(

Sorry y'all... had to vent.


Susan M. Fisher
Dept. of Computer Science,
University of North Carolina
(919) 962-1771

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