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RE: [IP] high BGs after high glycemic foods

At 05:10 PM 01/11/2000 , you wrote:
>I was reading "The Glucose Revolution" (about the glycemic index and
>glucose)   ... and it was mentioned that acids,  i.e. vinegar, lemon juice.
>...will help keep the bgs from jumping. they suggested eating a salad with
>red wine vinegar or lemon juice dressing to help keep a high glycemic meal
>in check.
>has anyone noticed whether eating a salad with their meal of potatoes, pizza
>or a bagel keeps the BG from going too high in the following two hours?

I think you just solved one of Anthony's eating mysteries!  We have a 
favorite family owned Italian restaurant that we treat ourselves to about 
every 2-3 weeks.  Anthony normally orders one of their submarine sandwiches 
(this is not Subway...this has the real stuff in it!).  He normally eats 
half (a half is at least 8 inches long) and takes the other half home for 
lunch the next day.  We always start off our meal with a large Italian 
salad with oil and vinegar dressing...in fact when we walk through the 
door, the waitress automatically brings us a large stainless steel serving 
bowl full of salad.  Anthony is always allowed to eat as much of this as he 
wants...and he normally eats at least two bowls full.

Anthony's bgs are always within range when he does his blood test at 9 
PM.....normally between 120-130.  We've always wondered why.  We've also 
never adjusted his insulin from his normal amounts during the times he's 
eaten this food.

Anthony's MM 508 arrived yesterday.  We're just waiting to hear from our 
CDE as to when the nurse from MM will come to the house and start him on 
the saline, and give us our initial instruction.  We can't pry Anthony from 
the TV/VCR.  He just keeps watching the tutorial and playing with the pump 
to see if he can make it do what it's supposed to do.....our CDE 
recommended he do this.  He's already better at it then I am....thank 
God....he'll be the one wearing it.

He can't wait to be able to eat pizza again....this is one food at this 
particular restaurant that he hasn't been able to eat....even with the salad.

Sue, mother of Anthony, 11, dx 9-22-95....pumping any day now
Torrance, CA

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