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Re: [IP] Pump occlusion

I just remember today that I did have a weird tubing problem.  I never
found out why or what exactly happened, and it has never happened again.  I
was using a Sillouette set.  I got the whole thing ready, pushed the
initial insulin through the tubing, saw the drop, put the resiviour in the
pump, and started to prime it.  The pump started giving a "No Delivery"
alarm.  I thought, that is weird.  I cleared it, tried to prime and
immediately got another one.  Okay.  I moved around the tubing, and tried
to prime again.  No Delivery.  Called MM.  They had me take out the
resivour/tubing, then due a 7.2 bolus with nothing in it (but the arms in
the down position).  It was fine.  Then I tried to push on the back of the
resivour.  I could NOT make that thing move!  And I pressed really hard.
Less than 5 minutes earlier I had no problem.  So then I disconnected the
tubing, and I could press on the resivour and it moved freely.  MM had me
start all over (new resivour and tubing), then sent me a "few" replacements
(which was 6!!!), and had me send in the defective tubing and the resivour.
 They then sent it to whoever (the name is just escaping me right now)
makes the Silliouettes/Comforts/Tenders.  I'm not sure what happened.  I
looked at the tubing.  About 2 inches before the end of it (the end that
connects to the set) the insulin just stopped.  It didn't look cloudy or
anything.  Who knows.  

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