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[IP] chinese food...

the problem with chinese food, is that the carb and fat content is highly
dependant on who cooked it, and how...  corn starch is often used as a
thickener... many sauces have sugar "hidden" in them... (i say hidden,
because if i made them at home, i wouldn't put any in... but lots of
restaurants, and other people do.....)  also there is often lots of
meat....  which depending on the type and cut of meat it can contain any
imaginable amount of fat or protien...  my best suggestion (though not
necessarily one that you may be able to take...) is to chat up the owner
of your favorite place... (in my case.. "mary chung's" in central square,
cambridge...  for those of you in the boston area...)  give them an idea
about what you're trying to look for in the dishes, and ask....  mary (at
least) is really nice, and knows lots of the mit folk with whom i hang
out, and is always happy to answer questions... (although her waitstaff is
rarely proficient in english...)

also.... keep trying the same experiment... over and over and over...
(yum!)... until you can make it work....  i have a D, but i haven't used
the temp basals at all for chinese food... what i usually do is take my
first stab at the carb count when the food is set in front of me...  try
to serve myself very slowly.. to try and get as much of that 10 minute
lead-in time as possible....  and then check two hours later... and
correct correct correct.....


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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