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Re: [IP] Sore Shoulder -- Advice Appreciated

In a message dated 1/11/00 6:53:50 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< It's been about a month since the shot, and my shoulder has started to hurt

a lot again.  I really don't want another 4 days of goofy blood sugars, but

this damn arm is driving me crazy.  It aches most of the time, and when I

move certain ways, I get extremely severe stabbing pain.  >>

Shoulder problems are more common in diabetics, but actually they are pretty 
common in all women in their forties and fifties.(ask around!)  You are 
probably lucky that it has not become a frozen shoulder, because that is one 
less problem to have to fix -- although it sounds like you have as much pain 
anyway.  Are you doing exercises, warming the area first and then icing 
afterwards?  I think a lot of people find that helps.  I assume you have had 
it xrayed.  I have a microwavable shoulder pad that I wear for about a half 
hour before I go to bed that I find very helpful when mine is acting up.  My 
experience has been that one shoulder bothered me on and off for years; that 
one is fine now but the other one is a problem.  Once I had an injection, 
used an antiinflamatory, and had occupational therapy 2 weeks later and felt 
cured after the first therapy for nearly a year -- but the other 3 times I 
have had injections, they didn't help very much or at all.

In a Diabetes Interview response to a question a few months ago, Dr. Richard 
K. Bernstein talked about deep message for something like 15 sessions as 
being the solution to a frozen shoulder.  Wonder if that would help. (I must 
admit I don't know exactly what deep message is - but it does sound more 
pleasant than the very painful physical therapy I have had twice for periods 
of several months, neither of which totally took care of the problem but both 
of which helped a lot.

Linda Z
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