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[IP] Sore Shoulder -- Advice Appreciated

Way back in May, I injured my shoulder while trying to manipulate a
too-heavy lawn-mower.  I thought it was just a muscle strain at first, but
when it started to hurt worse, I went to my GP, who diagnosed it as

She sent me to 10 sessions of physical therapy (ultrasound/hydrocortisone
cream, manipulation, and exercises).  It helped some, but nowhere close to
curing the problem.  

I next went for 5 sessions with a very good chiropractor.  He did
manipulation and electrostimulation, and had me apply alternating hot and
cold packs.  While in his care, my shoulder did not get worse, but it also
didn't get better.  

So back to the GP.  She put me on Ansaid and (when that didn't work) 2
other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  My shoulder actually began to
hurt worse. 

Finally she sent me to the orthopedic guy.  He gave me a shot of cortisone
and some more exercises.  He said that my being diabetic was a big factor
in the continuing pain of the shoulder (but I was/am not convinced, since I
have not had any (other) complications as far as I'm aware).  He also said
that I definitely do NOT have frozen shoulder, though I am the perfect
candidate to get it.  (Oh, joy.)  The shot made my BGs go bananas for 3-4
days (mostly high--I finally set some increased temp basal rates).  I did
the exercises.  

It's been about a month since the shot, and my shoulder has started to hurt
a lot again.  I really don't want another 4 days of goofy blood sugars, but
this damn arm is driving me crazy.  It aches most of the time, and when I
move certain ways, I get extremely severe stabbing pain.  Three
extra-strength ibuprofen take away most of the pain for about 6 hours, but
I am afraid to keep taking that stuff indefinitely.

I have most recently made an appointment for a consult with an

Has anyone else experienced this problem?  What else could I try?  I am
beginning to lose hope that my shoulder will ever heal, and the prospect of
chronic pain/disability really frightens me.  I can function, sort of, but
must constantly be careful of how I move.  Active sports are out of the

I would appreciate any advice/inspiration/encouragement you have to offer.


Laurel Sedgwick
IDDM, 42 years old, DXed Dec. '74, MM 507 since May 1998

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