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Re: [IP] basal question

Hi Leesa, it's Crystal here.  You might try lowereing whatever basal rates by 
.2 or .1 how many basal rates have you got?  I would suggest that you lower 
whatever rates you have beginning after lunch by these amounts.  For example, 
and I'm just using pretend numbers, if you're running a basal rate of .7 from 
7am to 12 noon that my be fine but if your next basal rate is say .9 from 
12pm to 6pm try lowering that one.  That will definetly keep you from getting 
too low.  Also, do you have those wicked rebounds when your liver kicks in 
and you're now faced with hyperglycemia, you may also want to be really 
carefull with how your accommodating for that phenomenon.  You may be giving 
yourself too much insulin and then crashing again, right afterward.  I've 
been experiencing this myself!  Peanutbutter and low fat cottage cheese have 
become essential for me.  I should have stock in BD glucose tablets!  I'm 
often asymptomatic and at work that's not a good thing.  I applaud your 
efforts to monitor so diligently.  If your addressing the lows with glucose, 
that's a quick fix to get yourself out of trouble but you may need to follow 
up with a bit of protein or fat, to help out with the  rebound effect.  Also 
consider what your sensitivity factor may be, are you over/underestimating 
how much insulin you may need for grams of carb?  Something to think about, 
as if there isn't enough already!
I hope this helps, or at least lets you know there are others who share the 
Stay well,
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