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[IP] anniversary(Dante)

Well  what do you know, I also celebrated an anniversary this weekend! Mine
was Saturday, the 8th, and it was my 29th! I sent a post to the list, but it
must have been one of the ones that got lost that Michael mentioned. It is
actually the first year I remembered the date for what is is. I was the one
who thought I had been handed a death sentence, my Dad didn't really express
his feelings. I was a teen though, so that might have been the difference in
his not being so emotional. I too remember all the weighing and measuring of
food, seemed like that was all I did at first. I had lost almost half of my
weight and they had me on a high calorie diet to regain it back. My snacks
then were larger than my meals are now!! I didn't celebrate the way I would
have liked, actually spent part of the day at the out-patient lab, having
tests for my kidney Dr.s' appt. Oh well, I sure hope you enjoyed your meal the
"Outback" is just about my favorite restaurant! But maybe next year I will be
more creative!

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